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Investing for Mukti Mission in an Honorarium or a Memorial is a way to recognize someone special in your life. Giving in 'Honor Of' a living person recognizes the impact they have made in your life. Giving in Memory of an individual who has passed away recognizes special people whom you still hold dear.

Click on the DONATE button above. In the NOTES section be sure to list the details. Your name and whether this will be in 'Honor of' or in 'Memory of' and specifically the individual(s) you desire to recognize.

Gifts can be designated to specific campaigns (also note this in the NOTES section).

Recognition of your Gift will be made to you (in Memory of) or by card to the recipient (in Honor of), there will also be a post made to Facebook (on our page) to recognize your GIft, as well as mention in our monthly e-Mukti.

The Honorariums and Memorials page can be viewed HERE

When you give to this fund, 15% of your investment supports the Sustainability Fund (SF) allowing us to increase Mission impact here in the US regarding Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission in India.