Published Wed, Apr 13, 22.

This story is in Memory of Velma Scott Knobel

 Velma passed away in February 2022 - she would have been 84 this month


I grew up in a family of eight siblings. Velma and I were very close as we grew up. Our family was not rich and as kids, we rarely had spending money.

One day a representative from Mukti Mission visited our church. Velma and I were about twelve and ten respectively. This person shared about the women and children at Mukti and it captured our imaginations. At about this same time, we received some spending money.

Promptly, I went to the store and came home with the type of junk a ten-year-old would buy. I noticed that Velma had bought nothing. I asked her what she had done with her money. Velma responded that she had donated it to Mukti Mission! I was stricken. Even at this young age, my heart realized my selfishness.

Although I have never become rich, I have sent monies to Mukti ever since that day. Each time I gave to support the women and children I was challenged by my sister's generosity.

My gift this month is in Memory of my sister, Velma Scott Knobel.


Mary Scott


Velma's Obituary:  HERE