Published Wed, Dec 15, 21.

Renuka* is new at the Mission and sought shelter with her three children after being abandoned by her husband who was in an extra-marital relationship. Left to fend for herself, with three small children, she didn’t know what to do and how she was going to manage. For some time she used to take cooking jobs or work as a domestic maid to earn money to feed her family. She was determined to provide for her children and ensure that they received the necessities in life. A friend told her about the Mission and so she approached Mukti looking for a better life for her small family.

Optimistic by nature and diligent, she loves cooking and is happy that she serves in a role in which she can use this skill. She is the Supervisor for the Orchard Project: Asoka boys home, and also cooks for the boys.

She is grateful to be at Mukti and the new opportunity that the Lord has provided her. She says, “I will serve the Lord and will also encourage my children to serve the Lord their whole life.” Being a loving mother she has hopes and aspirations for her children and is very happy that their educational needs are being met at Mukti. She wants them to do well in their studies and is happy that they are joyful in their new environment.


Renuka looks at the boys of Asoka as her children and loves them with a mother’s heart. She says, “Like my three children, all these children are mine and I love to take care of them.” She is passionate about cooking and enjoys making different dishes for the boys.

Despite bitter experiences in life, she is optimistic and looks ahead with new hope with a sparkle in her eyes. She says, “I have everything here. My children are receiving an education. I have forgotten my past sorrows and I am at peace. The Lord has helped us a lot. I want to remain here and serve the Lord. We should not forget the Lord. Though all may leave us, God will never leave us.” Her struggles have made her emerge as a stronger person and she has experienced the grace of God. Her children are active and enthusiastic. She desires that they should also help others the way they have been helped.

*Names changed for privacy and security. Images representative.