Published Mon, Oct 18, 21.


This story is the second part of the story first presented in the November (Fall/Winter) Edition of MuktiKIDS. 

And they all are aware of the ‘miracle baby, who arrived just a week or so before Christmas,  little Joy Naveen….


A call came from the police station.  Saroj Didi is certainly used to such calls, but they still make her heart thump wildly.  Any of these calls could mean that there is a baby or child that nobody wants and has nowhere to go: one more little being for Mukti to open its arms to, one more life saved to be given a chance to live.  Like most of the calls, this one from the police station was simple and to the point.  A baby had been found discarded by the roadside like trash in a dirty vegetable bag.  Was Mukti interested in taking it in?

But when some men came, they seemed very relaxed, sitting in Saroj Didi’s office chatting casually.  Aunty Ruby who shared the office with her thought they had come to make admission inquiries until she heard a weak whimper.  Both ladies jumped out of their seats in unison, crying, “We hear a baby …where’s the baby?”  The men didn’t seem to understand the women’s excitement.  “Oh, the baby’s right here.”  One of them lifted the bag he carried and thrust it towards them.  Saroj Didi and Aunty Ruby stared in horror at the nylon market bag and then realized at the same moment that the men had not even attempted to take the baby out of the bag and had brought it in just as they had found it!

“Quick, Saroj!” Aunty Ruby cried, and together, with utter care, they peeled the bag off the baby’s limp body, which now smelled very badly.  The baby was a boy and he’d been lying face down in the nylon bag, with barely any air to breathe.  How easily he could have suffocated!  He had been roughly wrapped in a dirty dupatta (lady’s scarf), stuffed into the small bag, and dumped.  Such actions defy description or comprehension.

Nonetheless, ‘the Lord’s eyes are constantly on us’ as Job 36:7 says.  At the right time, the policeman happened to see the discarded bag moving and investigated.  When the baby came to Mukti, his limp body, stench, and parched lips were evidence of not having been cared for or fed for many hours.  The milk bottle that was quickly prepared for him was emptied in seconds, proving that he was famished.  With weeping hearts, the Mukti staff moved quickly to lovingly attend the precious gift God had given … of all times, at Christmas. 

Less than an hour later, Saroj Didi walked into the Nursery asking about the little one and quietly walked over to the cradle that was pointed out to her. As she peeked through the mosquito net, she found the little one sleeping peacefully.  The staff had given him the name Joy Naveen (new joy).  What a sight to behold!  From a dirty vegetable bag, he was lifted up, fed, bathed, dressed, placed in a swinging cradle, and looked after with love and gentleness.  God had brought another gift into Mukti.

Yes, Christmas is much anticipated for the fun, food, and many lovely things our girls receive and enjoy, but the real meaning of Christmas is also carefully taught to them.  The God who loved us so much entered our world as the baby Jesus, grew, taught, healed, and guided, yet was rejected by many.  He then died for our sins on a cruel cross and rose again in victory.  Those who trust in Him as Savior receive forgiveness, placement into His family, and the assurance of eternal life.  Now THAT’S a GIFT!!! 

And who better to realize the difference the birth of Jesus made in this world than these Mukti girls who have known what it is to be unwanted and rejected before they were brought to this Home, a home which aims “ …to give to them beauty from ashes, oil of gladness instead of a spirit of despair…” Isaiah 61:3.

Merry Christmas!

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.  Luke 2:11