Published Wed, Mar 30, 22.

This true story was told by one of the house-parents at one of Mukti's Orchard Projects.

One day, my mother went to draw water from a nearby well when she was terrified by an evil spirit. She ran trembling back to our home and dropped into bed. An evil spell had been cast. 

My family revered many gods and goddesses. We called a priest to perform pooja (worship rituals). Although we had little money, my father never hesitated to spend on the gods. However, my mother’s condition remained unchanged.  

One day my father went to visit my aunt. To his utter surprise, a small group of Christians was present singing joyfully. They asked if anyone wanted prayer. Immediately, my father requested prayer for my mother’s pathetic condition. They prayed fervently and my father returned home.

To his amazement, my mother was up and working around the house! She didn’t even remember her trauma! My father instantly realized my mother had been delivered and healed by Jesus. Since that point, my father and all our family have trusted in Jesus, the Living God. 

When I married, my wife and I were unable to have children for seven years. I was urged to marry a second wife, as is the custom with our people in such situations. Knowing this would not please the Lord, my wife and I continued to trust Him for a baby. God blessed us with a beautiful baby girl in our eighth year of marriage and another a couple of years later.


God opened the door for us to be house-parents with the Mission in an Orchard Project for children among our people. We believe children are the future of Christ’s church. We consider it a great blessing to invest in their lives. 

Please pray for us as we minister to the children in our care, and for the people in our church, that they would be spiritually strong, grow and multiply.