Published Wed, Aug 04, 21.


As a young boy growing up in a remote village in central India, (Naresh) Nithin was awed by God’s creation without knowing the Creator. When Nithin came to the Mukti Orchard Project: Cherry at the age of six, he first learned about the God who made the world and everything in it. It was through his love of God’s creation that Nithin came to know and praise the true Creator God.


Nithin passed his 10th standard exams and joined the military after his studies. He enjoys going hunting and loves to play cricket. Although he has two older sisters and a father whom he sometimes helps on the farm, Nithin says that Mukti is his home. For, while his father’s farm is where Nithin fell in love with creation, Mukti is where He fell in love with the Creator. He praises God that in Him he has found a Heavenly Home—the best of all!