Published Wed, Jan 12, 22.

Pana* is an extrovert always bubbling with joy and kindness toward others, though she is affected by Down’s Syndrome. She came to Mukti as a four-year-old toddler and now she is eighteen. In her initial days here, her walk was unsteady and she was prone to catching cold frequently. The love and care received over the years have transformed her. Now she can walk properly and has improved her skills in interpersonal interactions, cognitive learning, comprehension, and motor skills.

By nature Pana is inquisitive and this has opened up many avenues for her. She is a good dancer, singer, and drummer and also loves to teach others. It is a delight to see her take center stage. She lives in the Violet Flower Family and enjoys doing things on her own. She also helps other special needs children in getting ready for school. Every evening she will mix turmeric in milk and give it to the other children in her family. On being asked why she adds turmeric in milk, she said that “corona is still there”. 


Being an active extrovert, she loves going to the vocational training center. She brings joy to people around her with her beautiful and innocent smile. She is fond of making tea at the center which the children have during their break. She likes spending time with friends. She likes to read simple storybooks, play with blocks, draw pictures and color them. She is also fond of dressing up and participating in cultural programs. She is fond of games and loves to ride a bicycle in the Mukti playground.

The guardian of the Violet Flower Family says, “After watching Pana for several years, I have seen a lot of changes and transformation in her. Despite the challenges and hurdles she faces, she is optimistic and makes an effort to excel in the area of her interest. She also watches out for those who need help and is quick to help if somebody is not well.” 

She is fond of singing and anyone who sees her will instantly fall in love with her sweet nature and friendly behavior. Pana’s journey is a story of inspiration that no matter what we go through in life let us accept the challenge with a smile. 


*Names changed for privacy and security. Images representative.