Published Tue, Aug 10, 21.


Although I’m only in my early 20s, I have been granted the privilege of being the housemother of Mukti’s Dahlia Flower Family and taking care of 14 girls between the ages of 7 and 12. With praise to God, I have had three years of Bible school and have earned a diploma in village outreach as well. As it’s obvious I’m not very experienced in raising children, I’m thankful to the Lord for training in His Word, which helps very much, and every day my experience with children grows by His grace.


One of my girls is named Anji. Sadly, she was known as a trouble-maker because she had a habit of picking fights, shouting, and then blaming others for the ruckus, no one liked to be around her. She also was a sneaky thief and could steal things before the eye would know what was happening. Those in authority had counseled her and prayed with her but to no avail. 


Exasperated, I told her that as a punishment for her bad behavior she was not welcome to come into my room for talks, games, etc., when I invited the other girls for various occasions. One day I saw her standing outside my door peeking in with longing. I suddenly wondered about her, as it seemed curious to me that she had become more cooperative the past few days as well. 


“Would you like to come in, Anji?” I asked cautiously. 


“Yes, Didi [Marathi word of respect]; please,” she replied. “I know why you did not let me come into your room. I have caused lots of trouble—over and over again. But, Didi; I have changed.”  Amazingly, she had tears in her eyes. This was so unlike Anji! I didn’t know what to think or how to react. Tears began to well in my eyes, too.


“Didi,” she continued, “Everyone avoids me and no one wants to be my friend. I used to shout and fight and throw tantrums. Why would anyone want to talk with me? But I have changed!”


“Anji,” I began to respond, “I have noticed that your attitude seems to be better lately. You are such a clever, sharp student with so much potential. Your bad attitude has made me sad. What has caused this change in you?”


“Jesus spoke to me through His Word. I was reading about Saul on the Road to Damascus and how the Holy Spirit dealt with him so severely, forcing him to the ground and causing blindness to get his attention since he was so bad. Finally, he listened, repented and Jesus forgave him and changed him to Paul. Didi, I’m now like PAUL, not Saul! Jesus has changed ME, too.”


We both were crying in earnest now! What a joy to hear such words of testimony! I thanked the Lord for His transformation of Anji’s life.


*Names changed for privacy and security. Images representative.