Adventure of an Initial LIFEgiver!

Adventure of an Initial LIFEgiver

Becoming a LIFEgiver is a worthy investment! As a LIFEgiver you are investing directly into the lives of residents at Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission. But it’s so much more satisfying than a monthly donation for a faceless individual.

  • LIFEgivers invest in passionate prayer for their sponsored residents!
  • LIFEgivers invest in the education, health, and nutrition of their sponsored resident.
  • LIFEgivers invest in special remembrances and encouragement of their sponsored resident.

Sponsorship categories are available for...

1) Student Girls

2) Women

3) Orchard Project Boys

4) Special Need

5) Staff


Thank you for taking on this vital role!

Once you register to be a LIFEgiver we will communicate with you regarding the assignment of your Mukti resident. Now click the SPONSOR NOW button above...