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“Missions, missions, missions,” I heard the Lord say to me. “But, Lord,” I protested, “I’m handicapped. I walk with a cane. I can’t go to the mission field.” Now I've made a total of 28 trips to Mukti! I think the most remarkable thing about my season of service is that when I’m at Mukti I have no pain or discomfort from my disability and can walk substantial distances there. That is not my experience at home where I rarely have a pain-free day. Isn’t God good?
An Adventurous Traveler to the Mission - MAS


Why Mukti Mission Exists

Mukti Mission US exists to provide YOU with avenues to bring Hope, Healing, and Life to Indian women and children! Since 1889 over 100,000 women and children have been impacted at Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission in India.



Pandita Ramabai

Founder of Mukti Mission (pictured above holding two babies)

The story of Pandita Ramabai is still, both fascinating and challenging, in the 21st Century.

Read about her HERE

Listen to the story of Pandita Ramabai   HERE   Pandita Ramabai: Scholar, Reformer, Truth Seeker as told by Dannah Gresh

Copyright Revive Our Hearts podcast from the series: (Un)remarkable Women Who Made a Difference for God. Used with permission. 



An Overview of Mukti Mission

More than an orphanage Mukti Mission is more than an orphanage with care centers for children, women, and special needs residents. Mukti also has a hospital, two school systems, a full agricultural department, and a wealth of other ministries. Read about Mukti HERE


Our Team Includes YOU!

Our Board

Policy & Oversight

Learn more about our Board members HERE. We strive to be transparent in our dealings and adhere to standards as set forth by ECFA and Guidestar Exchange.


Our Most Influential Teammate

It is no exaggeration that Mukti Mission US exists to serve YOU! This makes YOU the most important individual on our team. Your engagement with Mukti is our highest priority.

Our Volunteers

Our Most Sacrificial Teammates

Our volunteers selflessly give their time and energy each week to enable us to provide you with resources and responses to your needs. We would be lost without our volunteers.

Our Director

Jonathan W Bollback

The Executive Director has served Mukti since 2014 after twenty-four years of student ministry and nine years of other non-profit service. He is a husband, father of two, and pops to two grandkids.

National Spokesperson

Debbie Presnell

We are excited to have Debbie Presnell representing Mukti Mission in the US. Debbie’s greatest desire is to be a positive influence and make a difference in the lives of others. Learn more about Debbie's ministry, SHINE! HERE.

Prana Chai US

Only the Good Stuff

We are excited to announce our corporate partnership with PRANA CHAI US! Enjoy a delicious cup of Prana Chai and support Mukti Mission US all at the same time!