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The Board of Directors serves to set policy and oversee the operations of Mukti Mission US. We strive to be transparent in our dealings and adhere to standards as set forth by ECFA and Guidestar Exchange. Board members serve a three-year term with the opportunity for re-election for a second three-year term. After six consecutive years of Board service, members must sit off for a minimum of one year.

2021 - 2022 Board of Directors

President - Catherine Sweeting

Vice-President - Deborah Presnell

Secretary - Adrienne Williams

Treasurer - Joseph Shalhoub


  Prem Kankanala

  Renuka Rathnam

  Steve Brown

  William Sweeting

  David Babu

  Ebenezer Mallepalle

Executive Director - Jonathan W Bollback


Annual Board elections occur at the May quarterly Board meeting yearly.