Current Campaigns

Through 2022 we continue to provide YOU avenues to bring Hope, Healing, and Life to the residents at Mukti Mission through your financial investments. We are currently offering six 'campaigns,' listed below. Click on 'Learn More' to see explanations of each Campaign.

Thank YOU for your passion for Mukti!

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50K Opportunity 2022

The 50K Opportunity runs through December 31st, 2022.   Details of the individual items of the 50K Opportunity...

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Projects Funded in 2022:

The following projects have been fully funded by YOU... (they are either on-site or in process of construction)

  • Dairy Bicycle - purchased in January
  • Toofan 11 Passenger Vehicle One - purchased in February
  • Toofan 11 Passenger Vehicle Two - purchased in February
  • 50 HP John Deere Tractor - purchased in March
  • Brush Cutter - purchased in March
  • 15,000 Litre Water Tank for Snow Leopard property - purchased in March
  • Sewage Sucking Machine - purchased in April
  • 17 Passenger Vehicle for Orchard Project: Asoka - purchased in April
  • 2 Washing Machines for Special Needs - purchased in June
  • Greenhouse for Special Needs - erected in June
  • Sharada Sadan Classroom Renovations - finished in June
  • 50 student desks for Manoramabai Marathi High School purchased in August
  • Library Books for English Medium School - purchased in October
  • Stage Shade for English Medium School - currently under contract
  • Basketball Court for English Medium School - currently being constructed
  • Exercise Track - finished and dedicated in October
  • Alan Presnell Memorial Playground - finished and dedicated in October
  • Summer of AG: Gas Pump - on order - November
  • Summer of AG: Hydraulic Plow - on order - November
  • Summer of AG: Post Hole Digger Machine - on order - November
  • Summer of AG: Reaper Machine - on order - November
  • Snow Leopard Property (4 buildings, water tank, kitchen, wells) - fully funded and completed in October
  • English Medium School - Wing Two Level One - construction has resumed and target completion is summer 2023

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