GOAL: $105,000.00

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Major Improvements Projects are 'Big Dollar' items that Mukti Mission needs. Security walls, water projects, major renovations, etc. Some are 20K, some as high as 300k. When the funds are raised for the current project we will roll over to the next need on a list that Mukti has submitted.

English Medium School: Security Wall

The constant threat of encroachment (people building structures on your land) never goes away for Mukti. Each piece of property is ringed by an eight-foot security wall and fencing to prevent this issue. The English Medium School property is very large and abuts other empty property, therefore, it is ripe for encroachment. There is a wall on two sides of the property, so, this is the finishing of that wall to enclose the whole property and prevent encroachment.

Cost:    US$105,000

Your $50 investment will fund the rebar, block, and mortar for a one foot section of the wall


When you give to this campaign, 15% of your investment supports the Mukti Mission US Administration Expenses allowing our office to serve you and your investments in the Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission in India, as you bring Hope, Healing, and Life to the residents!