GOAL: $21,600.00

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In addition to the amount shown on the progress bar above, an additional $2,000.00 has been invested in the Summer of AG!

Therefore our totals invested as of June 20th = US$ 2,120.00


Do Something Cool With Your Summer

 Seven Projects to move Mukti's AG Department closer to sustainability - Invest TODAY!


Gas Pump


Thank you for fully funding this item!

US$    352.00  -  Fully Funded!


Post Hole Digger

Thank you for fully funding this item!


US$ 1,042.00  Fully Funded!



Double Pully Plow


Another versatile implement for use with the tractor fleet


US$ 1,352.00



Reaper Machine


The versatility of having a small reaper will enhance

the speed and efficiency of the crew


US$ 2,113.00



4-Wheel Drive Trailer


Having a four-wheel drive trailer will permit work to move

forward even in wet conditions and thru the soft dirt


US$ 4,648.00

Multi-Crop Thresher


Smaller machines allow versatility and are useful in

some of the smaller plots of land


US$ 6,690.00

Water Catchment Area 


Mukti AG Department is constantly building water catchment areas 

to maximize their rain collection 


US$ 8,451.00