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Mukti's farm covers over 160 acres, scattered across six large tracts of land. Each tract is managed to produce the highest yield in a near-drought environment. In the picture above, orchards have been planted utilizing drip irrigation to maximize the scarcity of rainwater.



Eco-Friendly Farming

Modern techniques are being employed leading the way in the region.


Simple & Effective

Although it doesn't look like much, these composting pits are cropping up across the Mukti campus reusing organic materials to better fertilize crops and fruit trees.

Drip Irrigation

Maximizing Water

This technique is essential in an area where water is at a premium. Flowers, landscaping, and fruit trees have benefitted from this intervention.


From the Aztecs to Mukti

This ancient techinique has been brought to Mukti. Set up in the poly-green house on the Asoka property, this is yeilding a new growth in vegetables.


Water Catchment

Natural Reservoirs

Nature provides the depressions in the ground where water can be caught and utilized later for irrigation. The landscape around Mukti is ripe for this eco-friendly technique.

The Harvest

Fresh Veggies for Everyone

Vegetables are a staple of Mukti's diet. Preparing food for 600+ residents and staff demands a constant supply. The vegetable gardens provide this large demand everyday!

Good Eating

Only the Good

Mukti's farm supervisor and workers proudly display a portion of a typical harvest.