Published Wed, Aug 17, 22.

All the girls gathered around Rana*. Concern creased their faces, as tears fell from many eyes. Groaning and writhing in pain, Rana clutched her left side. As time passed, the pain was growing much worse. Her house parents gently took her to the clinic.2Girls.jpg

“Infected appendix,” the doctor declared after tests. “She will need surgery.” Rana couldn’t believe her ears. Surgery? She was terrified of injections, surgical instruments and doctors! “No, please!” she pleaded.

The house parents hurt for their ‘daughter.’ They understood her fear, as she had come from a remote village and knew little beyond her narrow sphere. Rana’s parents were illiterate, as were almost all in her village. Rana was the first in her family to receive an education. And where would the funds come from to pay for such an expensive surgery?

“Come, girls,” the house parents said to their ‘daughters’. “We have been learning about prayer and depending on the Lord for ALL our needs. Now Rana urgently needs us to pray for her. Let’s gather around her and pray.”

Everyone dropped to their knees and as one they prayed earnestly to God on behalf of their sister. Slowly, without anyone even noticing at first, Rana sat up. A smile began to spread on her face. “The pain is going away,” she whispered. “The pain is gone,” she declared. A celebration broke out! God had intervened and answered.

In order to share this witness with the doctors, they took Rana back to the hospital. After investigation, they discovered that Rana’s previously infected appendix was now normal. The entire medical team marveled at this miracle. “What’s the secret of her recovery?” the team asked. This was a golden opportunity to share the power of God. The doctors listened, amazed. 


*Names changed for privacy and security. Images representative.