Published Wed, Sep 28, 22.


Vacuna* thinks she heard His voice. Of course, she listens to His voice all the time through God’s Word, but she feels she heard His still, small voice, too.

When she was just a young girl seated on the floor of Junior Church on one particular Sunday years ago, she heard God say, “Listen to Me.”  She knew she needed to listen.

Mukti has been her home for as long as she can remember. She was from a non-Christian background, however, and knew nothing about the true God until coming to Mukti. Then, He spoke to her and she knew she needed to listen and respond. She has grown in her faith through the spiritual input from the Mission and her own Bible study.

Through Mukti’s Bible school, she learned God’s Word in more depth. She liked the teaching very much and testified that her attitude improved and she trusted the Lord more. 




She was the housemother of the Sunflower Family caring for 19 girls between the ages of 5 and 12. The job was often tough. The younger ones were quite challenging. But although they were difficult at times, she loved talking to and sharing life with her girls.

Vacuna is multi-talented, she imparts her many skills to serving others. She completed her tailoring class and taught the girls in her family her skills of dress-making and cross-stitching. She also loves cooking and while the girls were in school, you could catch glimpses of her in the kitchen as she helped prepare delicious meals for the staff, volunteers, and other visitors.

Her dream is to become a nurse or teacher. She will go to college to study nursing and economics. Vacuna’s older sister has completed her nursing degree and will begin working as a nurse soon. They have a mother and younger brother living in a large city, but Vacuna says with contentment that Mukti is her home. She prays that she and her sister would be able to influence her family to trust in Jesus, too.

Vacuna gave back by returning to the younger girls of Mukti the love she first received here.


*Names changed for privacy and security. Images representative.