Published Wed, Aug 03, 22.

In years past, the Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission sent out women from the Mission who had experienced the goodness of God and added Bible study training to be able to effectively share their faith. This tribute is to one woman who served faithfully until her passing a decade ago. The story is written by another woman greatly used by God until her passing.


Tribute to Shewantibai Peter: Full-time Bible teacher at Mukti Mission

Written by Margaret Willaims (Australian Missionary)


After I was appointed to responsibilities in the Mukti Evangelism ministry, Shewantibai joined me in the Evangelistic Office and we worked together for many years. Before that time she was Matron of the Rose Flower Family, under the leadership of Miss Harishchandra.

Shewantibai was of quiet, prayerful, committed personality, and could be depended upon to carry out her responsibilities in the Evangelistic Department. She was leader of the team of Bible women, most of whom were Matrons of the Mukti Flower Families. These were freed from their family responsibilities to involve in evangelistic work once or twice weekly, during the morning hours when the children were in school. Outreach evangelism was carried out on foot or by bullock cart to the villages close at hand to Mukti. The evangelistic jeep was also used to travel to places further distant. In all these activities Shewantibai was sincerely involved.


During the hours when she was not out on evangelism in the villages she worked in the Evangelistic Office. Bible Visuals Inc of U.S.A. had made available to us the Visualised Bible, each volume having big pictures and clearly presenting lessons for use in teaching the Word of God. Shewantibai spent countless hours using a machine to cover with plastic the many volumes of pictures from the Visualised Bible, to prepare them for the wear and tear of village outreach work. These were an invaluable aid as we shared the Gospel from place to place.

I praise the Lord for His faithful, sincere servant, and remember with thanksgiving the many years we worked together, and the countless times we shared prayer fellowship for the Mukti ministry of Evangelism. Shewantibai is now with the Lord whom she so earnestly loved and served.