Published Wed, Jul 20, 22.

I was raised in a poor village family of eight children. My father was uneducated and earned meager daily wages when he could find work. In our village education for girls was considered a waste of money: girls should marry young and they only needed to cook for their husbands, bear children, and wash and clean the house. 

But I wanted to go to school so badly! When I saw girls going to school, dressing up, and having a social life, I was filled with envy. Sometimes I would sit in a corner and weep. 

God blessed and my parents found out about one of Mukti Mission’s Orchard Projects in our district. The Orchard Project: Nutmeg provided a home, food, clothing, and an opportunity for education. I jumped for joy when the Mission accepted me: my tears of weeping were turned to tears of joy!

Unfortunately, I had a very difficult personality. I had a bad temper and held much bitterness inside of me. I did not mix well with the other children. During prayer times, I was cold and unresponsive but to show that I was a well-behaved girl, outwardly, I would sit and listen to the houseparents’ teaching; but, deep down inside, there was much resentment and hatred.

One day, the housemother of the Orchard Project shared the story of Saul and how his heart was full of hatred toward Jesus and His disciples. However, after his dramatic encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus, his entire life was transformed and redirected.

I wondered: ‘If God could change a hard-hearted man like Saul, could He change a wicked person like me?’


While I knew nothing of Jesus before coming to the Orchard Project, I was now convinced God was a compassionate God. I knew I needed Him. I prayed and asked God to forgive me for all the wickedness I had held inside. I cried out: “Change me, Jesus!” I felt all my coldness and sins roll away; I felt so light-hearted.

I continue to study in school and seek to live for Jesus day by day.