Published Wed, Nov 23, 22.


---as told by a volunteer from England


Pranita* was the first resident I met at Mukti. On my first evening, I joined a volunteer on her daily visit to the Honeysuckle Flower Family. The girls sat in a circle engaged in their homework. Since the girls speak Marathi and I speak only English, the extent of our help had to be with English, or possibly with math. Upon meeting Pranita, she drew me over and linked her arm with mine. Since that evening, we have become fast friends. Whenever she sees me walking by, she again links her arm with mine and we enjoy each other’s company for a time.

Pranita is at Mukti with her younger sister. They have two other sisters and a younger brother.  When their father died, their mother could not provide enough care or education for all her children. She learned of Mukti and brought them to the Mission.

I can only imagine the ache of a mother’s heart in having to release her children to someone else’s care because of grueling poverty. Pranita’s mother lives about two hours away and can visit the girls as she’s able.

Both sisters are very shy, but they have dreams for their future. Pranita hopes to become a doctor. Pranita also loves to read.

One day, I asked the girls if they had learned anything from the volunteers. Pranita quickly responded, “English … and to believe in the Living God.” How exciting!


*Names changed for privacy and security. Images representative.