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Over twenty-five years ago, Mukti Mission saw a need and ran toward it.

By some estimates, India has millions of children on the streets, either alone, or with their families. Rather than do nothing, Mukti decided to do something.

The first Orchard Project was opened and fifteen boys began a new life. Today, those original fifteen have grown up and are gainfully employed in various government, tech, pharmaceutical, and social roles. Each Orchard Project cares for boys and girls coming out of poverty where food and their futures are not assured.

Due to the sensitive nature of these homes, Mukti refers to these homes with the names of fruit and nut trees of India. Therefore, the first Orchard Project home is called, Nutmeg. Over 800 girls and boys are cared for each day in residential settings, as well as daycare and food distribution locations.


The goal of Mukti is to develop a network of Orchard Project homes that will provide safety, security, and a future. Educational resources are provided through schooling, tutoring, and the care of concerned adults. Many of the children in these homes come from situations where trafficking puts them at great risk. Mukti has four homes dedicated to children Most@RISK.