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50K Opportunity  -  2022

Items listed from least expensive to most expensive

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Your investments will help with the purchase of the remaining items. Even $5 goes a long way. Thank you!

03 Classroom Tables for Sharada School                                      FUNDED!

As we build school buildings, furniture is needed. These three tables will increase the available furniture to teachers and students.



12 Sadan Benches                                                                             FUNDED!

Benches will also upgrade the surroundings of the Sadan homes (where the adult women live). The combination of swings, canopy, and benches will give the ladies a park-like feel to their campus.



02 Office Computer for Sharada School                                        FUNDED!

Computers are often left to be the last items to be replaced for the staff. These upgraded computers will allow the staff to be more efficient.



Musical Instruments for the Sharada School                                 FUNDED!

05 Guitars                   $35 per

05 Keyboards              $78 per

05 Tablas                    $35 per



Sports Equipment for English Medium School                             FUNDED!

10 Soccer balls                                   $15 per

02 Goal post for soccer                      $100 per

03 Cricket Kits                                   $40 per

03 Basketballs                                     $10 per

02 Table tennis tables and sets           $100 Table  $25 per set

10 Paddles for table tennis                 $10 per


Drinking Water Connection for English Medium School             FUNDED!

Water is always an issue at the Mission. This system will purify water allowing it to be gathered from various sources supplying the English Medium School for years to come.



02 Computers for English Medium School                                                FUNDED!

Computer technology doesn’t stand still. Schools need the best equipment and so we have the opportunity to provide an upgrade to two computers.



07 Sadan Swings                                                                              FUNDED!

The Sadan’s are the homes for older women at Mukti. There is a lot of shade from the large trees so having some swings will be a welcome addition for the women around their homes.



Sadan Canopy                                                                                   FUNDED!

This canopy will provide rain protection in an area of the Sadan homes, where there are no trees, allowing even greater use of the property for the 125+ women on campus.



Computer Academy Pavers                                                             FUNDED!      

This paver pathway will extend from the computer academy to the kitchen area where students eat their lunch. Currently, the path is dirt. This is for the Marathi Manorama Memorial High School.



Hospital Switchboard and Lights                                                  FUNDED!

The hospital has undergone many upgrades over the last two years. Upgrading the phone system will give the staff an efficient way to handle patients and their families.



02 e-Auto                                                                                          FUNDED!

Mahindra Treo is a revolutionary new range of electric auto. Powered by advanced Lithium-ion technology, Mahindra Treo offers higher savings, superior ride quality, and a spacious interior.



School Pavers at Marathi High School                                          FUNDED!

The ground around the school is hard-packed dirt. After rains this ground gets muddy. In the dry season, it is extremely dusty. Laying pavers will reduce both of these issues at the Marathi Manorama Memorial High School



e-Learning Boards and software                                                     US$ 19,566                 $6,522 per

These e-Learning boards will be installed at the Marathi Manorama Memorial High School which educates over 900 students in grades 5 to 10. These boards bring greater effectiveness in classroom teaching. We purchased six boards for the English Medium School last year to great success.